We are the Cheneworth Gap
Retirement Center

Cheneworth Gap, TennesseeKnown by the residents simply as The Home, The Cheneworth Gap Retirement Center gets its name from the nearby gap in Beaver Ridge where State Route 62 encounters its first significant barrier in its westward journey between Knoxville and Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Seen here in 1978, meandering Grassy Creek shares the gap with the roadway and provides a pleasant fishing spot for some of the residents on warm days. The late Reverend Sebastian Peavey used to skinny dip here as often as he could get away until that unfortunate incident with the undercover officer.

The Home has a varying number of residents with a great variety of life experiences and personalities. They are mostly retirees, and many have colorful pasts.

The Times-Picayune and World Observer is their voice to both communicate with the rest of the world and to keep up with the scheduled events that make Cheneworth one of the most dynamic living experiences in the Eastern United States. In these pages you will meet some of our friends and get to read some of their stories.

Please visit often. The site will be changing as new material is added. Classes are forming now for those inmates residents who have shown an interest in maintaining blogs (if we can get them off Facebook). It is an exciting time here at The Home.

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