Hercules Gets a Ride

We had a special treat with a rescue a few weekends ago. Hercules is a ten year old Rottie whose mama bought him as a puppy. When she died, her widower was unable to care for him so he surrendered him to a shelter where he spent a month before he was rescued by Southern States Rescued Rottweilers. Seventeen volunteers transported him in stages from Virginia to his new home in Oklahoma City.

He was very nervous around men as he had always been a "mama's boy". And he has arthritis so he had difficulty getting into and out of vehicles, frequently requiring chicken nuggets to lubricate his extractions. We kept him here for his Saturday overnight and took him to Monterey, TN, on Sunday morning.

We went into a Hardees to get a treat to lure him from the warm truck out into the cold February morning. I casually mentioned something about our mission and the manager gave us a complimentary chicken biscuit and came out to watch.

Imagine the pleasure we all got a day or so later when his new mama Keren posted the above photo in the Facebook run sheet we had used to coordinate the transport.

Here are a couple of photos from our transfer at Monterey.

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